Registration Status:  Bb1 3rd premie/SP

Date of Birth:  22/1/2008

Sire:  Frits fan de Syl Vb/SP

Dam:  Dirkje vd Lievendaal Stamboek/SP

Dam’s Sire: Sape Stb



Registration Status:  Studbook 2nd premie/F3

Date of Birth: 10/11/2008

Sire: Ritse 322 Stb

Dam:  Pitrik Rika Hb/F2

Dam’s Sire:  Vincent


Wietske fan Nes

Registration Status:  Studbook/SP

Date of Birth:  18/04/1999

Dam:  Loadewyntsje F. Stb

Sire:  Fetse 349 Stb

Dam’s Sire:  Leffert 306 Stb Preferent


Lize fan de Moerdiel

Registration Status:  Studbook Star/SP

Premie Received: 2nd

Date of Birth:  18/03/2003

Dam:  Erica Marja H. Stb Ster

Sire:  Tsjerk 328

Dam’s Sire:  Nykle 309 Stb


Dirkje v.d Lievendaal

Registration Status:  Studbook 3rd premie/SP

Date of Birth:  05/06/2001

Dam:  Etske Stb Ster

Sire:  Sape 381 Stb

Dam’s Sire:  Tys Stb



Registration Status:  Bb1 3rd premie/F2

Date of Birth:25/01/2001

Dam:  Zoye Bagiti

Sire:  Eibert Vb



Registration Status:  Bb1/SP

Date of Birth:  25/09/2002

Dam:  Poala Janneke Hb

Sire:  Jildert Vb

Dam’s Sire:  Doede Vb



Registration Status:  Bb1/F1

Date of Birth:  23/10/2004

Dam:  Penny Leon Hb

Sire:  Uwo Vb


Pitrik Rika

Registration Status:  Hb/F2

Date of Birth:  1988

Sire:  Vincent


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Latest News

2011 FPSSA National Show Results:
ERWIN FAN''T REIDFJILD - Reserve Champion Single Harness, 3rd Imported Stallion with FPS Breeding Permission In-Hand, 1st Child In-Hand with Suzaan.
HAYLEY VAN PERDEPRAG - Champion Filly under 12 months, Champion Junior Mare, Supreme Junior Reserve Champion.

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